Our company specializes in implementing mechanical installation systems and equipment and devices for heating, cooling, air conditioning, ventilation, gas installation and automated control.

We execute the following types of mechanical engineering work:

  • heating

  • cooling

  • ventilation

  • air conditioning

  • gas installations

  • all types of boiler systems and heating substations

  • steam installations

  • pretreatment of consumable hot water

  • waste heat recovery

  • renewable energy sources

Our employees have been trained for project management and execution of mechanical engineering work – from our team of mechanical engineers that warrants high quality in project implementation thanks to holding professional licenses and being members of the relevant industry associations to our HVAC installers and servicers.

We also hold certificates required for the assembly and maintenance from the most renowned manufacturers of HVAC equipment, which significantly raises the level of quality and reliability of the work performed.

Furthermore, we have received an Authorization from the Ministry of Culture, Cultural Heritage Protection Authority, which authorizes us to execute mechanical installations on structures of special concern – PROTECTION OF CULTURAL MONUMENTS.

We use equipment, machinery and tools and operate a fleet that satisfy all requirements for executing the most complex mechanical installations in compliance with the applicable legislation.